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Saison du BUFF Review

Saison du Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor (BUFF) was created back in 2003 between brewery owners Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head), Bill Covaleski (Victory) and Greg Koch (Stone) to bring to light the individuality and passion that is American craft beer. They held a press conference and tasting, to which only one person from the media showed up. This allegiance of sorts was formed to unify against the “big boys” of the beer industry, the same ones putting money in the pockets of our political leaders to try and keep things the way they are. Bill Covaleski from Victory put it perfectly by saying,

“BUFF is how we think, how we act, and who we are . . . Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor.”

YES! Exactly, it’s kind of like the revolutionary war, err that may be a stretch but think about it. Regular citizens banding together, using guerrilla tactics (social media, tastings, word of mouth, and websites just like this one) and any means possible to bring down the overly powerful monarchy aka the big 3. It’s a war of independence, independence of flavor and you’re on the front lines. So go out and buy some Saison du BUFF or any craft beer and support your local brewery.

Moving on to the beer!

Both Dogfish Head and Stone’s Saison’s pour a slight hazy straw yellow/light orange color. Whereas Victory’s beer pours crystal clear golden yellow and is the lightest in color of all three. Dogfish’s beer is noticeably more carbonated than the other two and also has the thickest, longest lasting head. All three have an apparent herb aroma. Victory’s beer has the most intense herbal aroma and palate, followed by Dogfish Heads. Stone’s beer is surprisingly the mildest of the three with a slightly sweet honey note in both the aroma and palate.

Therefore, if you enjoy Saisons and are up for something a bit different and spicy, try anyone of these beers. If you have the ability to try all three and are feeling saucy go with the Victory, if you like it a bit less bold go with Stone and if you’re like Goldilocks and like it just right somewhere in the middle, pour yourself a glass of the Dogfish Head. Overall: (A-)

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